Decluttering Tips for Your Home

There are certain times in life you’ll look around your home and think that it’s the right time to declutter and get rid of some of the stuff hanging around. There’s nothing as bad as the feeling of being overcrowded due to the build up of clutter in the house. You can feel really unsettled when things don’t have a place to be, and you’ll really feel it when it comes to trying to move around and tidy things up. By browsing this article, you can find some very useful decluttering tips for clearing up your place. By doing so you can definitely feel several parts as a quiet space in your home!


If you’re planning to move to a new house, decluttering is the top chore on the list. You have to sift through everything that you own so that you can try to get some clarity on what you’re bringing with you to the new house. You might end up Googling for a local mover near me, but it’s a cleaning company you will want first! Before you can go anywhere, you have to declutter, pack and clean the house to put it back into the same condition as when you moved in in the first place. That means that you need the best possible decluttering tips for your space, and that’s what we’ve got for you below:

1. Treat it like your Mom is coming over

One of the only times most people do a deep clean of their home is when their parents are coming over! If you pretend as if your parents are on their way, you’ll be able to do a deeper declutter than you usually would have.

2. Be methodical

One of the worst things that you should do when decluttering is try to look at it as an entire house of stuff. You need to be methodical, so whether you do better with lists or you need to go room to room to go slowly, you have to take your time so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is a common mistake to make, trying to do it all at once, and then a smaller job becomes a very big issue.

3. Give it the six month rule

If you go into the closet and there is stuff and clothes in there that you haven’t used or seen for six months, it’s not going with you to your new place. You need to not bring clutter from your current place to your new place and you should avoid bringing it by getting rid of anything you haven’t used for six months.


4. Make a list of places that you can donate to

You won’t be able to donate clothes in the same way you would metal, so make a list of local places that will take your old things. You can also make a list of charity stores that you can take things to for them to sell on, too. In addition, you can make a dent in all of your clutter by knowing where you can put it all.

5. Be accountable. It is not easy to get rid of your stuff

Clutter is in the way and it’s annoying, but it often holds an emotional connection for you and that can be difficult to let go of. Letting someone know your plans to declutter will help you to have some support while you get rid of things.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]