The Most Healthy Homemade Sauces You Can Make

We know that there is nothing as heartwarming, comforting, and indulgent as really good food. But when it comes to food, there are a few things that can elevate it. The seasoning of the food, while it’s cooking, is one of the most important. Healthy homemade sauces that you can cook easily and enjoy afterwards. Check out to find more.


The oil or fat choice can change how it crisps up and how it melts in the mouth.

There are a lot of small details that change the texture, lift the flavors, and give you a lot of different experiences.

What makes sauces one of the best things that you can make is that you have room to experiment a little bit – and find a flavor balance that works for you. Once you get the hang of just a few sauces, you’ll be making batching in minutes.

We all have a few favorite regular bottled sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ, or mustard. And they add a quick pop of flavor to fries, crunch-coated fish, and chicken.

But some of the best sauces are the ones you make with just a few ingredients. Does hot garlic butter sauces dripping over shrimp sound good? Make this hot and spicy shrimp to test out a simple yet flavor-packed dish.

But what makes a good sauce?

The sauce you are making should complement the meat or vegetables that it is going to be on. But here are a few ways that you can make a killer sauce:

a. Always make sure that you use fresh ingredients

b. Practice makes perfect

c. Not too thick and not too thin

d. Complement the rest of the dish

f. Always toast your spices like coriander seeds, cumin, and others

g. Emulsions take work but are worth the effort

h. Acids like vinegar can lift a heavy sauce

i. Cold butter whisked in will add a gloss and improve the texture – Monter au beurre

Over time the more often you make your sauces, the better they will get, and the more likely it is that you will begin to experiment with some of the flavors.


Are there any bases that you can start with?

There are a few sauces that are known to be the bases for the rest of all sauces. The Mother Sauces are a set of five sauces that you can start with to make the rest of the sauces.

Veloute sauce is a fat white sauce, using veal, chicken, or fish stock and then being thickened with a roux.

Hollandaise sauce uses egg yolks and is a thick creamy sauce. Often found on eggs benedict.

Tomato sauce is just made using tomatoes – but there can be variations in the seasoning.

Espagnole or Brown sauce starting with veal stock, vegetable stock, bones or beef. It is reduced down, then tomato sauce is added. This can take days to make.

Bechamel sauce is one of the most commonly served sauces and is made from flour, boiled milk, and butter.

Once you get these Mother Sauces down, you can begin to add new seasoning and ingredients to create your own one.

So if you want to create some sauces that will be a smash every time, then here is a list for you:

Salted Caramel Sauce

Salted caramel has become one of the most popular flavors around in the last few years, and that is because it is sweet, salty, creamy, and goes with so many different types of desserts: ice cream, hot chocolate cake, coffee, sticky toffee pudding, and even brownies.

You only need four ingredients to make a delicious salted caramel sauce. One cup of pure cane sugar, six tablespoons of salted butter, heavy cream, and one teaspoon of salt.

Salted caramel can be ahead of anything you have planned for it and stores well in the fridge.

Peanut Sauce

One of the most commonly used sauces in many Asian dishes is peanut sauce. You’ll also find peanut sauce in the common Dutch dish patatje oorlog.

Chicken satay isn’t the same if you don’t have a delicious peanut sauce to dip your chicken skewers into.

Peanut sauce can also make a quick burst of flavor into some Thai curry pastes too. Peanut sauce is very easy to make and only has five ingredients.

You’ll need ½ cup salted peanut butter, one tablespoon of tamari, two tablespoons of maple syrup, one teaspoon of chili garlic sauce, and some lime juice – to thin it out, you can add some water.

Peanut sauce goes well on salads, with spring rolls, chicken, and other meats like pork.

Lemon Butter Sauce

Lemon butter sauce goes great with many different types of vegetables, chicken, and fish. One of the best things about lemon butter sauce is that it is really easy to make.

All you’ll need is four ingredients!

For the best lemon butter sauce, always use high-quality butter – and unsalted works best. Because what you want to do here is have complete control over the rest of the seasoning—fresh lemon rather than lemon juice, some crushed garlic, and salt and pepper.

You can also add in a little bit of chili if you want, or thyme too.

If you want to make a super delish meal, but without too much effort, then boil some spaghetti, add a splash of olive oil – mix, and then add some lemon sauce. It is fresh and summery.

Creamy tomato

A tomato sauce can be the base for this delicious sauce, and all you’ll need to add is a little bit of parmesan and fresh basil.

To make a super-fast sauce, chop some garlic, warm in a pan with some olive oil, add two tablespoons of tomato paste, add a splash of water, stir, add fresh basil, and a good grind of black pepper.

To thicken the sauce without adding flour, add some parmesan in and stir.

There are so many healthy homemade sauces that can make a huge difference to your cooking, and once you have mastered a few of them, you aren’t likely to go back to jar sauce again!

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