Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

The spring months are an ideal time for fresh starts and the perfect opportunity to make positive changes in your life. The new season’s arrival is the ideal time to show your home some care and attention with a thorough clean to get it looking sparkling and fresh. If you are hoping to spring clean your home this month, you may be wondering where to get started and keen to ensure that you tackle the task thoroughly. Take a look at this article for spring cleaning tips for your home to ensure you get it looking at its best:


Start in the Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen hygienically clean is crucial to ensure it is a healthy place to prepare food. In addition, if you have a clean kitchen can drive you to prepare food that increases energy and motivation. So, paying particular attention to spring cleaning this room is essential. Working around your kitchen in a logical order is the best way to ensure nothing gets missed.

Starting up high will ensure you clean every part of the kitchen thoroughly. Dusting the top shelves and cabinets in your kitchen first will ensure any dirt or dust falls downwards onto surfaces you have not yet cleaned. Your next step is to clean the exterior surfaces of your kitchen cupboards, as these can become marked by fingerprints, especially around the door handles. Don’t forget to show the insides of your cabinets some attention by removing items to clean the shelves. This will help with keeping pantry fresh and clean, which is vital to ensure your food is stored safely. Cleaning your surfaces and floor are the final steps in spring cleaning your kitchen.

Freshen Up Your Windows


Cleaning your windows so they sparkle can make a significant difference to the appearance of your home. Having clean windows makes the entire house look cleaner and lighter, but it is something many people have little time to do regularly. Giving the inside of your windows a thorough clean when spring cleaning is a great way to instantly improve your home’s appearance. You could make your own natural window cleaner to get the insides of your windows sparkling. Making natural window cleaner is quick and easy to do and is an eco-friendly alternative to many of the shop-bought products and delivers impressive results.

Deep Clean Your Floors

Your home’s floors receive the greatest amount of wear and tear and are the part of the home most likely to look grubby and stained. Due to the amount of use they receive, your floors can harbor bacteria that enter the house on the bottoms of your shoes. Giving your floors a good clean should help eliminate much of these bacteria while also helping to get your floor surfaces looking great once again. You could hire a carpet cleaner to shampoo your carpets and this will help to get them looking like new and provide a thorough spring clean. Encouraging everyone to remove their shoes before coming into your home is the best way to keep carpets looking fresh and clean, making next year’s spring clean much easier. Spring cleaning tips that definitely help to have a fresh home!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]