Work-Life Balance Examples that Work For You

Work is something that everyone has to do to keep the money coming in, but very few people feel satisfied with their jobs. It is estimated around 70 percent of the workforce dislike their jobs, so if you have fallen out of love with your occupation, you are not alone. While it seems that the majority of people hate their jobs, this does not mean you will always find your work unenjoyable. Looking for ways to improve your work situation and make it better suit your needs is possible; you just need to know where to begin. Read on for some work-life balance examples to help you make your work life work better for you:


Reduce Your Stress Levels

Do you constantly feel tense and stressed while you are at work or thinking about work? According to the American Institute of Stress, 83 percent of workers in the United States suffer from work-related stress. This means a substantial proportion of the US workforce experience stress and its negative impact on their lives due to their jobs. While quitting your job and walking away from the pressure may not be possible right away, there are opportunities to manage this stress to protect your wellbeing both at work and at home.

Isolating the leading causes of your stress is an excellent place to start when tackling your workplace stress. Sometimes tension can build up and seem like a general feeling, making it challenging to identify the root cause. But, trying to isolate the triggers for your stress allows you to make changes and alleviate your tension.

Change Your Working Day


During the pandemic, much of the workforce made an overnight transition to working from home. For many people, this was their first experience of remote working and something they adapted to quickly. But, now that ordinary life is returning, many employers are expecting their teams to come back to the office without offering the opportunity for hybrid working or flexible working options. Successful entrepreneur, Dee Agarwal, believes that employers need to continue to provide flexible working opportunities and start listening to the needs of their employees to ensure that staff retention remains high.

If changing the structure of your working week would benefit your work-life balance. discussing your wishes with your employer could help you to agree on a flexible working solution that meets your needs and the needs of the company.

Find Your Passion

Finding your passion and carrying out work meaningful to you is an excellent way to feel satisfied with your work life. When you enjoy what you do, many of the negative aspects of working, such as stress and long hours, can disappear and leave you with a feeling of job satisfaction. You may be able to find a role that aligns with your beliefs within your current company. If not, you may choose to embark on a new path and find a job that puts you in the enviable minority of people that have a job they love. Art for instance. If you love art you may start small by creating your home art studio setup and if it works you can grow up from there.

We hope these Work-Life Balance Examples helped you to identify on how you can benefit in your life while you have a demanding job.

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