Vintage Floral Prints by Katy Welsh


Vintage Floral Prints

Katy Welsh is an illustrator who currently lives and works in Bristol, UK. Katy developed a love for bright colours and hand-wrought textures during her studies, and it is still evident through her work. These bright colours are also evident with her vintage floral prints. “Although I have moved away from working with fabric and pattern, this lo-fi, joyful aesthetic is still what guides my work today in illustration.” she explains.


Katy Welsh

Katy Welsh studied Printed Textiles at Leeds Art University. She focuses on illustrations and tries to have an element of roughness in her work. “I love being playful and I am all about keeping the connection between the eye, mind and hand.” Katy explains. “That’s why I like to start all of my illustrations on paper, be that by creating a texture with ink, printing something or working with cut-out shapes“.


Katy has prestigious clients including The British Museum, Hallmark, Gorman and the BBC. For The British Museum in particular she created a print regarding the summer exhibition Rodin And The Art Of Ancient Greece. “My artwork was used across several product categories for a launch of gift ware to sit alongside the work in the museum shop.” she said about the exhibition. Art appreciation at its best.


Apart from illustrations, which she performs remarkably, Katy’s work can become clothes, greeting cards, jewelry or stationery items. In this article mainly floral work is presented, however other items are also displayed. The result is impressive. Enjoy.






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