Chinese Street Vendors by Alain Delorme


Chinese Street Vendors

Alain Delorme is a French photographer originally from Versailles. One of his famous series is Totems, Chinese street vendors with their merchandise. Are these photographs depict the reality? Delmore explains that “I just exaggerated the piles to draw the attention to them, while still trying to remain believable. There are also some incoherent details left on purpose, to encourage questioning on what is true or not. For instance, one of the workers drives with flowers in front of his eyes“.


Delorme took over 6,000 photos to shortlist just 18. Using Photoshop he increased the amount of the goods each street vendor was carying. He tried to depict the Made in China and the cosumerism with these photos. “I couldn’t believe the sheer volume of merchandise people carried around in Shanghai, whether by bike, tricycle or trolley.” Delorme explains. “We all have in mind images of masses of people working in big factories,” he said. “I wanted to go in the opposite direction and focus on the individual“. He photogrpahed the opposite of the automated production line.


Alain Delorme

Alain Delorme holds a photography degree from Gobelins school of visual communiation and arts. Moreover, he studied at the University of Paris VIII. He currently works and lives in Paris. His main practice is digital photgraphy, as well as editing. He uses vibrant colours to express each series uniquely and he does it wonderfully.


Delorme has also received the Arcimboldo peize in 2007 for his series Little Dolls by the association of Gens d’Images. His works have been exhibited in Europe and Asia, in galleries, notably in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Berlin and Tokyo. In addition, several museums had exhibiton of Delorme’s including Design Museum in London. The result is impressive. Enjoy.