Multimedia Artist Kristen Meyer Creates a Wonderful Props Series


Props Photography Series

Multimedia artist Kristen Meyer lives and works in Connecticut, New Haven. Meyer creates appealing mosaics and then photoshoots them. In her latest props series, Meyer neatly arranges similar objects in her shots. In particular, basic ingredients are placed side by side to construct these photos.


As far as how I find materials to experiment with, it varies a lot.” Kristen explains. “I generally work with what I can find around the house, inside or out. It begins as a scavenger hunt of sorts, and then a challenge as I begin to build“. In fact, odinarry objects, if arranged in an adept way, can create impacable result. And Meyer does it wonderfully.


Multimedia Artist Kristen Meyer

Kristen Meyer is a multimedia artist focusing on design. Her main genres she works on are floral design, interior decorating, window design and prop styling. According of the period of the year or the time of the day, Meyer decides which room is has the best light to shoot. Nevertheless, every shot is taken into the house. Each visual representation is unique and at the same time astonishing. In this article, several arranged objects including stationery props and parts of flowers are displayed. The result is impressive. Enjoy.