How to Transform Your Bathroom Using Bathroom Spa Decor Ideas

If you’re looking into making a transformation at home, then the best place to start would be the bathroom. The bathroom tends to get neglected the most. You can have a gorgeous home, and every space is well decorated. However, most renovations tend to completely skip out on the bathroom. The bathroom tends to be the room at home that’s the first one that people go to once they wake up. It’s also the very last one that’s visited right before bed. But even throughout the day, people visit this space as well. This space has so much significance. Since it has so much significance, why should it get neglected? By using bathroom spa decor ideas you can fully enhance the bathroom having a very refresh look.


Bathrooms were meant to be enjoyed, even the smallest of bathrooms deserves some recognition. While spas are known for helping a person feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated, the bathroom can do the same. Have you ever felt better, happier, after stepping out of the shower or bath? The feeling is almost similar to stepping out of a spa, right?

The bathroom can perfectly capture all of these positive feelings and relaxing atmosphere that a spa has. In fact, it can match it almost exactly with a bit of work. If you have the right accessories, the planning, and the will, you can completely transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa. And one of the best parts? You don’t even need to fork over the money for a tub or sauna!

So why try to make your bathroom into a spa?


We have all been there. You are feeling stressed and exhausted from a long day at work, parenting, or anything else that you do throughout the day. One way that people try to wind down and to “clean” off what has happened throughout their day would to be take a bath or shower. This helps with reflecting on what happened throughout the day. But it can also be a way to just mentally block what’s been going on.

Spas are meant to be a place to relax. In fact, they’re meant to be a happy place. It’s a place to just mentally cool off and forget about all of your troubles. A standard home bathroom can already achieve this somewhat. But you can take it a step further with your home bathroom by giving it a complete makeover to reflect a spa. And you can do that by using bathroom spa decor ideas.

Start by giving your bathroom a thorough scrub

Cleaning your bathroom is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving your health goals. As you know, spas are all about promoting healthy lifestyles. It is important to clean out the toilet, sink, and bathtub regularly. This will help to prevent any bacteria from growing and spreading throughout the bathroom.

A good rule of thumb is to scrub the toilet with bleach once a week. Moreover you need to scrub the sink with bleach once a week, and scrub the bathtub with bleach once a month. You should also wipe down any surfaces in your bathroom that are touched often such as faucets and handles on doors. In general, just try to scrub your bathroom from top to bottom.

Organize your countertops

What do you use your bathroom countertops for you? What about the area that surrounds the sink? Most people will have their basic groom necessities such as a toothbrush, hairbrush, makeup, accessories, perfume, and other items. While these things are handy and are needed, is there anywhere else in your bathroom where these can be placed? Maybe you can put everything into a cabinet, drawer, or nicely tucked into a wicker basket.

Clutter tends to make people a bit anxious, so you’ll want to fix this in order to achieve a relaxing environment for your home. By removing this clutter and having a more minimalistic approach to the space, it’s going to help make it very spa-like. Think about it, aren’t spas usually quite minimalistic? They’re very calming. One of the best things you can do to get your bathroom to transform into a nice and cozy bathroom would be as simple as just removing all of the clutter from your countertops. In addition, you can also remove any other mess anywhere else in your bathroom that you see fit.


Bring in the calm colors

Have you ever been to a spa? What about the wellness center of a hotel? The elements to both are usually quite similar. You’re going to find a lot of calming colors surrounding you. This is going to include some more natural colors such as greens, beige, soft browns, light grays, and whites as well. These are known for being very organic and natural, and definitely spa bathroom colors.

Think about how you clean yourself

While it may depend on how much space you have in your bathroom, do you have a bath, shower, or both? Showers can be very relaxing, but there’s no doubt about it that baths are one of the greatest ways to truly unwind. If you’ve ever thought about giving your bathroom a complete transformation then adding something such as a bath could be optimal.

While hiring a plumber can be very expensive, you can get very committed and go the DIY route by becoming an apprentice here But of course, this is something that could take some time but it could be worth it, in the end, to truly make your bathroom the spa of your dreams.

Display some luxurious fabrics in your bathroom

The bathroom is very fabric and textile heavy. This is where your towels are going to be, this is where the bathmat is located, washcloths, shower curtain, bathrobe, slippers, and curtains are. All of these fabrics matter as it really helps with making the space appear softer. This is going to help make the bathroom look and feel all nice and warm. So it’s very important that you think about the type of texture that you’re wanting.

If you’ve ever been to a spa or even a hotel you’ll notice that the towels are very different compared to ones at home, right? So there are two reasons for that. One reason would be the fabric of the towels. Spas will usually buy fluffy towels and the fabric is either Pima or Egyptian cotton. But it’s also how they’re washed and dried. One trick that a lot of people use would be vinegar and fabric softener as these both help in making clothes feel softer. But it’s also very important to use warm air to dry and fluff the towels rather than let them air dry.

You should also look into getting a bath mat that goes nicely with the bathroom. If you switched to having more organic colors in your bathroom then you should do this for your bath mat as well. It’s also very important to have your textiles on display. So you can have a curtain up in your bathrooms such as white chiffon, lace, or sheer curtain if you have windows. Have a designated spot for hanging up bathrobes and don’t forget about nicely rolling up your towels and placing those into a basket.

Light up the candles

There’s nothing new about decorating a bathroom with candles. That’s one suggestion that comes up time and time again for making a bathroom (or any space) a more relaxing place. Fragrant candles are not just for the living room. They can be used in the bathroom as well. The scents of these candles will help you relax and unwind before bedtime. Plus, they will give your bathroom a more welcoming feel with their warm glow.

Since you want to think about wellness, it’s best to try and opt into some soy wax candles as they’re known for being safer than paraffin wax candles. But the scent itself is also very important. You’ll want some scented candles which creates relaxation. Some scents you may want to look into can include lavender, eucalyptus, and sage.

By using bathroom spa decor ideas you can create a regular bathroom to a bathroom that you would love to go often. We hope this article served as a way to find some helpful advice.

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