Garden DIY Jobs To Improve Your Outdoor Space

As we roll into a whole new year, many of us are looking for the perfect excuse to do some DIY around the house and the garden to make the home feel brand new. Several home improvement ideas can be performed with DIY activities. If you are looking to make some changes to your outdoor space this year, there are many little DIY jobs you can try to vamp up the space. You can create a wonderful outdoor wonderland for the whole family to enjoy.


Today we are going to take a closer look at some of the different garden DIY jobs you can do this month and in the coming months to help you feel closer to nature as well as happier in your outdoor space.

Encourage wildlife

One of the best parts of having a garden at the back of your home is the ability to attract birds and other animals to your space. Connecting to nature and being able to see some amazing wildlife up close can make you feel amazing, and there are several ways you can attract more life into your garden this year. Firstly, plant bushes that attract bees and butterflies in the summer time. You can also consider having a few bird feeders spread around the garden as well as a bird bath for birds to clean themselves and cool down in the summer months. If you haven’t already, consider adding a small pond into your garden which will attract animals such as frogs and dragonflies.

Eradicate weeds

Weeds are the bane of any gardener’s life, and once they have taken root they can be rather tricky to get rid of. If you want your garden to remain full of life and colour, it is important to regularly remove weeds. This will make way for plants and flowers that you want to thrive in the space. Make sure that you pull weeds out from the root wherever possible. In addition, keep on top of this particularly as the climate grows warmer. For your path and driveway, the easiest way to kill off weeds is to sprinkle salt down between the paving stones. This will kill anything that tries to grow.


Churn up your beds

You need to promote new life when the spring comes around. The best thing you can do during the colder months is churn up your flower beds and get them ready for a fertile spring. When you have dead leaves and other debris in the garden, add these to your flower beds as you churn everything up. These will break down and provide nutrients to any new buds that grow during the early spring and summer. If you have a full compost bin with working compost, spread some of this around now. Dosing so, it will make a world of difference to your plants and flowers when the weather grows warmer.

Plant bulbs

Now is a good time to plant some bulbs in your garden if you haven’t already. Bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, and gladioli can be planted deeply now as they will take a while to germinate and develop before the spring. Give them a head start now and watch them bloom and grow once the summer comes around.

Create a herb garden

Of course, for many herbs it is too cold right now for you to plant seeds outside, however that doesn’t stop you germinating and growing some herbs indoors and getting them ready for outdoor planting in the spring. Gather some herb seeds from your local garden centre along with some fibre or plastic seedling pots. You can then sow some seeds in these small pots and add a lid to create a warm and damp environment for germination. This can be a fun project for you as well as for your children, and once the spring comes around you can add your newly grown herbs to the garden and watch them thrive in the summer.

Install a fire pit

Looking for a new design feature in your garden this year? Consider a fire pit. Fire pits are made to last forever and they can be a wonderful feature for you to have if you enjoy hosting gatherings outside throughout the year. Not only is it a way to keep everyone warm and toasty on a cold evening, but you can also cook on a fire pit and this can be a great idea for a gathering.

If you want to vamp up your garden this year consider some of these fun DIY jobs and prepare your garden for a fabulous year.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]