Functional Kitchen Design with Style

Kitchens need to be functional spaces. You use your kitchen to prepare food and you might eat there too. If your kitchen isn’t very practical, it can simply become frustrating. Even doing simple things like finding the ingredients you need or putting away pots and pans can be annoying when nothing seems to work as it should. Small annoyances can become extremely bothersome after a while. If you feel like your kitchen could be more functional, you’re probably also thinking about how it can look better. Form and function go hand-in-hand, so consider these top tips for how to create a functional kitchen design with style.


Choose Materials Carefully

The materials you use in your kitchen can make a significant difference to how functional the space is. Some materials might look beautiful but turn out not to be very practical, while others can be much more practical but not as nice to look at. Balancing these things is important if you don’t want to be forever trying to remove stains or make repairs. For example, quartz can be a very practical choice for your kitchen countertops. You can make it look like marble or granite but it also has some additional advantages and can be cheaper too.

Include Beautiful and Practical Storage

Good kitchen storage is a must for any home. You need to be able to find your tools and ingredients quickly, and you need space for all of your kitchen essentials. Your kitchen isn’t very functional if you have to search through a cabinet to find the right spice jar or you can’t squeeze all of your pans into the same space. Storage can be functional and look amazing too. Drawers can be a great choice for your kitchen because you can slide them in and out with ease, making them more accessible than cabinets.


Light It Up

Lighting is key when you want to create a beautiful but functional kitchen design. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to think about natural light and the artificial lighting that you want to install. A larger window or a new window can increase the natural light so you can see better during the day. But when you need to turn a light on, it should help you to cook safely while also helping to create the right atmosphere. Choose your lighting fixtures carefully if you want them to look good but you also want to ensure you have enough light.

Have Some Extra Touches for Convenience


There are some kitchen features that are almost certainly not essential but that can make your life a little easier. An ice cube maker means you don’t have to keep filling up ice cube trays. A beverage fridge means you won’t have to take up space in your main fridge with drinks. A wine rack gives you somewhere convenient to keep your wine. All of these things can create a highly functional kitchen while helping it to look good.

Form and function don’t have to be separated if you want to redesign your kitchen. They can work together in harmony to create a kitchen you love.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]