Brilliant Wooden Sculptures by Vince Skelly


Wooden Sculptures

Vince Skelly is an artist who focuses on wooden sculptures. He has worked in several projects including the Alphabet Bench and the limited edition series Earth Stools. His wooden sculptures are at the same time functional objects. There are hand carved wood sculptures and they are used primarily for furniture. However, in every object there is also the art element.


Skelly’s incentives originate from both ancient and modern wood sculpture traditions. In particular, his work is influenced by the American painter Phillip Guston. From Guston’s paintings Vince captured the intuition of making art.


Vince Skelly

Currently, Vince Skelly lives and works in Claremont, California. Much like Los Angeles illustrator Steve Kim, who graduated from Claremont Graduate University. Skelly uses a variety of trees from the Pacific Northwest area to create his wooden sculptures. Regarding his raw material he explains that “I don’t like seeing trees come down, but I’m happy to give them a new life“.


I was always interested in building things out of wood, like skate ramps and treehouses.” Vince explains in an interview. During college, various self-taught artists influenced the area Skelly lived. “That’s when I really became interested in wood carving. Every piece of wood is different and spontaneous, which is very much in line with my approach to carving“.This article presents his overall work. The result is impressive.




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