How To Protect Your Home From Harsh Winter Conditions

Winter can be a nightmare if you are not well prepared. It is considered a flu season, but it can cause more harm than just flu. For example, if you are asthmatic, winter can be troubling due to the accumulation of dust and mold that trigger asthma. As a result, you need to be prepared for winter conditions.


Blocked gutters allow ice and snow to build ice dams on the roof, and if not removed, it will cause a backflow of water, causing damage to walls and ceiling. The ice can also damage downpipes leading to water leakage. On the other hand, falling snow can harm people and cause damage to properties.
Here are ways to keep your family warm and safe during winter.

Consider Appropriate Dress Code

It is essential to update your wardrobe with clothes that protect you from the cold weather. Consider wearing three layers of clothes that will keep you warm without making you sweat. For example, wearing fleece-lined tights or leggings will keep your legs warm. Also, treat your gloves, scarf, and hats as accessories.

You can still have fun with winter fashion; it doesn’t have to be boring. Triple F.A.T. Goose offers you the best puffy down jacket and classy wool coats. However, when choosing the best attire for winter, it is good to know that cotton is not ideal for winter conditions because it holds water.

Insulate the Pipes

Most old homes have no insulation in the attic. Ensuring adequate insulation will stop your house from losing too much energy faster and improve overall your house regarding winter conditions. It would be best if you could insulate the basement, attic, and walls or consider insulating all your pipes.


The idea of insulation is to conserve as much heat as possible to ensure that the house temperatures do not fall too low. In addition, it protects your family against harsh outside weather conditions.

Install an Automated Thermostat

You may prefer to switch heaters at night to save some money, but it is not the best option during winter. It is vital to ensure temperatures do not drop to freezing point day and night. It is best to install an automated thermostat that will help monitor the temperature.

Suppose the temperature drop to a freezing point; the pipes will freeze and expand. The frozen water causes a lot of pressure to the pipes leading to connection problems and bursting of the pipes resulting in floods.

Keep Roof Gutters Clean

Always clean the roof gutters regularly to avoid the build-up of ice dams that can damage the roof, walls, and ceiling. When you prepare for a storm, you need to clean the entire drainage system. This will prevent overflow during storms that may cause structural damages. In addition, blocked gutters can destroy your properties in floods.

Install a Backup Generator

Maintaining standard temperature is crucial during winter, and your home can’t afford to go without electricity. A standby generator will ensure the temperature does not fall to freezing. Also, remember that you need wifi to receive thermostat notifications.

Other appliances also require energy to operate, like your fridge, microwaves, and other kitchen items. You would not like to eat cold food during the cold season; therefore, having your power back up is essential.


If you put enough effort into preparing correctly for the cold season, it will pass smoothly. Therefore, Invest in keeping your home a safe place for your family during winter.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]