How to Update Your Home Without It Costing A Fortune

You may have just bought a new home and are wanting to put your own individual mark on it. This might include changing and updating some of the rooms in your home. By doing this you can not only make it yours but you could also potentially add a couple of thousand to the asking price of the property should you sell it in the future after the home renovation.

easy home renovations

Let’s take a look at how to update your home with some ideas below.


If your bathroom is no longer the bright sparkling white it once was then you can do things to get it back to its old self. If your bathroom doesn’t really suit you and the family’s needs then think about how it would. For example, you might all be interested in baths but your property currently only has a shower. You can either rip the shower out and install a bath, or you could add a bath and have both available.

As you grow your preferences may change so having both seems like the safer option. It is also the one with less mess and fuss. If there is room we definitely recommended having both.



The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. There are many occasions when you socialize in the kitchen, eat in the kitchen, and keep watch over the rest of the house from the kitchen. If the kitchen doesn’t quite fit with your tastes then ask yourself how it would. If you are unsure of what style you are looking for you could take a look at 2022 kitchen ideas to see what is coming into style.

The countertops might be at the wrong level, this can happen but it is quite rare. The cupboards may also be lacking in space meaning you are having to store your groceries elsewhere. If this is the case then there are lots of things you can do within your kitchen to update it. You could rip the whole thing out and start again from fresh. This is the pricey, messy option and would usually need professionals. You could also just refresh the cabinets if that is an option for you. Give them a coat of paint and add some new handles and will appear as if you have a brand new cabinet set installed.


The lounge is the second heart of the home, once you are done in the kitchen you like to relax in the lounge and watch some television. You might also like to have five minutes of peace and quiet when you come in from work before getting on with household chores. If your living room isn’t warm and welcoming you will be reluctant to sit in there for very long.


You could think about jazzing it up with a lick of paint and possibly a feature wall. This is a wall that is different from the others. For example, you could have three walls in plain white and then you could have the fourth wall a bright pink. You could also brighten it up with the use of accessories such as cushions and rugs.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found some inspiration on how to update your home.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]