The Work of Los Angeles Illustrator Steve Kim


Los Angeles Illustrator

Steve Kim is a Los Angeles illustrator. Kim focuses on colorful portraits. He uses photographs as a source to paint. In particular, “ […] I find it important to work from my own photos.” he explains. “Part of it is a resolution thing. But mostly I think my own photos are going to have people that I know personally and I think that matters“.


Kim difines different angles regarding his work. More specifically, he has a diverse view of illustrations and this is evident by looking his colors used and the different approaches expressed by his work. “I used to start out very loosey goosey, and kind of correct things as I go along. But over time this need for accuracy has become more and more important.” describes.


Steve Kim

Steve Kim has become one of the famous illustrator of the West Coast. Originally from Seoul, Korea, Kim came to Los Angeles at the age of two. Ηe has a BFA from ArtCenter College of Design and an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.


Even at High School years, Steve was fancy to study art and fine art classes. “When I saw the catalog for Art Center at High School. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. The design, and art, etc.” he explains in a recent interview. In this article his overall work is presented. The result is ompressive. Enjoy.