Colorful Portraits by Artist Robert Catapano


Colorful Portraits Painting

Robert Catapano is an artist born in Brooklyn, New York. He is a painter and sculptor, focusing primarily on colorful portraits. “I paint portraits of people I know, or people I’ve known, or even people I’ve just seen in passing.” Robert explains. “Not necessarily a handsome or pretty face, but more of an exotic face for lack of a better word“.


Robert’s main technique is acrylic on canvas. However, at times he also uses oils, chalk, paper and cloth. He does not have a predefined palette to work on. Rather, he defines the colors as the portrait progresses. As far as his sculptures are concerned, he uses clay to fit in with found objects. “They look more like assemblages than sculpture.” he has said.


Self Taught Artist Robert Catapano

Robert Catapano is a self taught artist. He started drawing as a child and, hopefully, never stopped. At the beginning Robert was focused on a realistic style. However, as time went by his work became more and more abstract becoming what it is now. Catapano’s work has certain resemblence with the work of Françoise Nielly. Both of these artists create some magnificent output.


I don’t consider myself a true artist; just more of a painter.” Robert explains. “I just paint. I’ve drawn, painted and sculpted for as long as I can remember. My favorite subjects are human faces“. This article presents his overall work. The result is impressive. Enjoy.





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