Multi-Functional Space Design Is Latest Big Trend

The world of home design and architecture shows us so many interesting trends all the time. A multi-functional space is already so different from the homes of decades ago. They have adapted based on the changes in modern life.

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Therefore, it’s no surprise to see a big design trend spark up off the back of the global pandemic. In 2020, the world experienced something it hadn’t experienced since the last World War. Governments called for everyone to stay indoors, virtually closing down entire nations. What it meant was that we spent more time in our homes than ever before.

As a consequence, we started viewing the home in an entirely different sense. Previously, it was a place for us to relax and enjoy life with the family – or by ourselves. With the pandemic causing floods of people to work from home, it changed the purpose of our properties. Instead of houses for relaxing, we saw the need for multi-functional homes that allowed us to work and relax at the same time.

The need for peace and quiet

A big part of the multifunctional home design was outlined by architect David DeQuattro in a blog post on his site. In essence, he underlines the importance of soundproofing in the modern home. The pandemic made millions of people realize that their houses really aren’t soundproof at all, and it’s impossible to find a quiet place to work. As such, homes in the future are sure to be built with an emphasis on soundproofing between rooms. It will allow the modern worker a chance to work peacefully in the home without being distracted by noises from other rooms.

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Private spaces

Similarly, multi-functional home design will focus on the need for private spaces. Most houses are not built with spaces for offices or people to work. But, perhaps we will see this change in the future? Maybe, lots of the next generation of new-build homes will feature office spaces for people to work or study. Certainly, the number of home improvements to specifically add office or study space has gone up in the last year – it’s clearly something that homeowners really want.

Relaxation areas

The flip side of multifunctional homes is that they aren’t just used for work. The modern home isn’t being converted into an office; it still needs to be a place for people to relax. Consequently, we’re going to see a trend of homes with more dedicated relaxation areas. This could include converting attics or basements into extra living areas or man caves, or it could mean turning the living room into a super cozy place. In either case, there will be an emphasis on making homes feel as comfortable and relaxing as possible, helping people switch between work and play modes.

Multifunctional home design is definitely in its early stages right now. It’s very interesting to look at how external factors can influence architecture dramatically. To coincide with the new multi-purpose home, could we see a change in office designs? Perhaps the next generation of offices will be more condensed and downsized because more people are working from home?

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]