Fine Art Photography by Serge Hamad


Fine Art Photography

Serge Hamad focuses on Fine Art Photography. More specifically, he explores socioeconomic elements of life through his camera. “I use art to inform about sociopolitical situations, but I refuse to illustrate a judgment.” Serge explains. “I feel that an artwork is successful when once injected into the communication channels it manages to awake a dialog“.


Temporal Perception

Temporal Perception is Hamad’s latest series. The series shot at Venice Beach. “Each artwork when seen for the first time at a glimpse, seems to be an entity.” Hamad explains. “The colors and geometric lines form a unit“. Base colours create the canvas for this series. Hamad uses both fine art photography and digital rendering techniques to create this outcome.


Hamad describes that the viewer’s emotions are there, however the series lets each one of them decide whether or not, or how intensely, they want to experience them. Essentially, “It’s just when our brain starts to analyze our vision that we understand how we lost our childhood“.


Serge Hamad

Originally from Algiers, Algeria Serge Hamad currently lives and works in New York. His work has been exhibited to US and abroad. Moreover, it appeared to related auctions including Christie’s London and Sotheby’s. This article presents his latest series Temporal Perception. The result is impressive. Enjoy.