Ideal Female Body by Hilda Palafox


Ideal Female Body

Hilda Palafox is an artist based in Mexico City. She depicts women in her own interpretation. More specifically, she tries to illustrate the ideal female body, and she does it wonderfully. “In my work I want to show women that have gone past their limit, I want to show this place that we physically, energetically, and intellectually fill in the world.” she explains.


The female body is prominent in her work. “I believe my work itself inevitably speaks about this particular time in which women want to be recognized for the place we occupy in this world, physically, intellectually and emotionally.” Palafox describes. In fact, she uses feminine elements to portray the traits of a woman: kindness, sensitivity, curiosity.


Hilda Palafox and Art

Hilda Palafox holds a degree from The National Institute of Fine Arts and worked in the advertising industry. As she started working in this industry, her dreams and her career started differ greatly. “I learned a lot (in the advertising agency) but I realized it was not my thing at all.“, Hilda explains. “I quit to pursue an artistic career which was something I always wanted to do“.


Her first attempt to involve herself to art was through editorial illustrations. “I began doing a lot of editorial illustration then started making and selling my own work, things like prints and ceramics“. From then on she fulfills her passion. This article displays her latest exhibition, Un día a la vez. It was on last month at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles. The result is impressive. Enjoy.