Pastel Tone Photography by Teresa Freitas


Pastel Tone Photography

Teresa Freitas is a Lisbon born and based artist. She photographs both nature and cityscape scenes. In fact, her main colours are pastel tone and her photographs seem to be like paintings, rather than actual photographs.


The images’ tones would depend of the weather or of the time of the year back when I photographed.” Teresa explains. “The existent light influences the colours of the images“. She is influenced regarding each particular, unique moment of a day.


Teresa Freitas

Teresa Freitas has a Multimedia Art degree from Lisbon University of Fine Arts. While studying, Teresa took photography classes focusing on black and white film. However, her style evolved to pastel tone themes. She works as a full-time photographer with renowned clients including Dior, Pantone and Netflix.


Using pastel tone colours, Teresa depicts happiness. “My childhood was filled with uneventful happiness. I grew up surrounded by art and Portuguese culture.” explains in an interview. “I always liked watching animation movies and looking at the illustrations in books“. This is the start for her photography career. One can find Teresa’s work at Subject Matter Art. The result is impressive. Enjoy.