Illustration Art by Geoff McFetridge


Illustration Art

Geoff McFetridge is a Canadian artist, filmmaker, and designer based in Los Angeles. He focuses on simplicity and uses atonal colors. More specifically, he draws basic shapes and figures to depict his art. However, simple is definitely not dull. “Another of the reasons for the simplicity is because, when everything starts as a drawing, everything is possible […]” he explains regarding his illustration art. “My paintings announce something and then confuse you, or they propose some sort of unfinishable proposition“.


Geoff McFetridge

Geoff McFetridge holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. After graduating he focused on graphic design and started producing animations, 3D graphics and textiles. In fact, well known companies including Nike, Pepsi and Stüssy became clients of his. Within the commercial engagement, McFetridge has introduced a design studio named Champion Graphics in 1996, still in place. Nonetheless, McFetridge has also had the art sense.


For me, drawing had always been a way to play. I realized early on that if I didn’t have a toy, I could draw it.” Geoff explains in an interview. As his father was a lawyer there were highlighters, ballpoint pens, pencils, and legal papers. He used them widely while he was young. “My style is still the same.” he suggests. In this article his overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.










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