5 Ideas To Get More Creative With Your Cooking

Cooking is so much more than a necessity, it’s a creative practice which allows us to express ourselves. Many of us fall into a pattern of always cooking the same things. If you’re looking to inject some creativity back into your cooking, you might like to consider these ideas.


1 . Check out cooking apps

If you’re keen to boost your cooking creativity check out a few cooking apps. There are lots of apps which can help you to learn new recipes, get cooking tips, and learn about nutrition. There are plan planning apps if you’re looking to create a schedule, or healthy eating apps if you’re looking to improve your diet.

According to Digital Trends, some of the best recipe apps right now include Paprika, Oh She Glows and Epicurious.

2. Read cooking blogs

Cookery blogs are a seriously great place to get some creative inspiration. There are so many inspirational recipes out there to explore. To make a start take a look at this sourdough donut recipe from the Sugar GeekShow.

To get even more ideas be sure to check out the top food influencers on Instagram. There are so many places that you can find inspiration, helping you to improve your own cooking. Once you start improving your skills you might even want to create a cooking blog of your own!


3. Experiment with recipes

Once you gain a little confidence with your cooking you don’t have to follow the recipe word for word. Why not experiment a little, swap a few ingredients, and make the recipe your own? Experimenting with recipes, styles and flavors is a fantastic way to get creative. Remember, not every risk you take is going to pay off! Cooking is often about taking a chance, and the trial and error process.

4. Take a cooking class

Taking a cooking class is a great way to boost your creative cooking skills. You might focus on cooking dishes from a particular culture, for example, Thai food, or Italian food? Alternatively you might like to try a class that focuses on desserts or pastries? Cooking classes can be so much fun, plus they are the perfect place to get plenty of tips.

5. Go foraging

Looking for a bit of a different experience? Foraging is the practice of gathering foods from the wild, including nuts, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, plants and herbs. Collecting wild foods is a sustainable practice that can help you to learn plenty of new things. Remember, some plants and herbs that grow in the wild can be poisonous, and so it’s important to learn about edible plants before you make a start.

With these tips you’ll make more creative dishes, and wow your friends and dinner parties. Cooking is about daring to experiment and striving to learn new things all the time. Developing your cooking skills can take a little time, so the key is to be patient.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]