Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Moving Home

Moving home can be a complicated and expensive business. You’re probably going to need all of the money you can get to decorate and furnish your new place, that’s why it’s a good idea to save as much money as you can through some smart planning.


Declutter your home first

Moving home is a fresh start. Having a clear-out can have a number of benefits that are both mental and financial. Thoroughly clear out your home from top to button. Throw out or donate what you can. You could even make a little extra money by selling the things you don’t need anymore.

With fewer items to pack. You spend less time and materials packing and it can even mean getting a smaller, cheaper removal van from a company such as Allied Van Lines Canada who has a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Look around for free packing items

Rather than sending money on new boxes, check to see if you can pick any up for free. There are many online marketplaces that you can check or you can ask at any local shops and supermarkets, they are usually happy to give you any spare boxes they have. You’ll probably be doing them a favor as they won’t have to get rid of them themselves.


Move in the off-peak season

There are certain times of the year when it is more popular to move which often coincide with school vacation periods. Moving companies often charge more during these periods. If you can, try and move at a different time of the year when the prices are lower and there may be a promotion on.

Move on a weekday

Similar to the peak moving times, it is more popular and expensive to move at the weekends. If you can, try and book your move for mid-week when the prices will be lower.

Don’t throw your food away

It’s tempting to throw out all of the food from your refrigerator and freezer and start afresh in your new place. But this is an unnecessary expense. If you’re not moving more than an hour or two’s drive, then it’s worth taking what you can. Throw any old or out-of-date items and put the respect in cool bags so that they can be transported.

Ask for help

Asking family or friends to help you pack and move can save you a lot of money. For example, you may need to take less time off to get things ready. You could also book a smaller moving truck if they are able to help you transport some of your things in their cars.

Final thoughts

When you’re moving house, you want to keep on top of costs. A few dollars here and there can really start adding up so you should plan carefully in advance and take advantage of any freebies or special offers that you can. After all, the more you save the more you can spend on making your new home look fantastic.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]