Feminine Watercolour Paint Nudes by Fahren Feingold


Feminine Watercolour Paint Nudes

Fahren Feingold is a Los Angeles born and based artist and fashion designer. In her latest series named Wet Dreams, Feingold tries to explore the female gaze through the watercolour paint technique. More specifically, she explains that “By taking time to really look at and get to know the women, their stories, and their bodies, my paintings are like a love letter to my subjects, shared with the world so they can see what I feel“. Primarily, she tries to paint the emotions the models radiate, instead of the models themselves.


Fahren Feingold

Fahren is originally from Los Angeles. At the age of seventeen she moved to New York to study Illustration at the Parsons School of Design. Although she graduated in this discipline, she became a fashion designer working for prestigious fashion houses including Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller and DKNY.


However, art was always on her mind. “A few years ago, I left fashion design to revisit my painting and illustration education.” she suggested in a recent inteview. “I have since been painting in watercolours commissioned for fashion illustration projects and my own nude subjects“.


Some time ago, she was commissioned to illustrate Paris Fashion Week for SHOWstudio. From then on her work has been featured in plentiful exhibitions internationally. Vogue magazine indicates that Feingold is “a trailblazing artist on a meteoric rise“.


Exhibition in New York City until the 13th of November

The new solo exhibitions Wet Dreams is showing currently at The Untitled Space in New York City. The show will be showing until the 13th of November. “I explore the relationships between beauty, sensuality, and nudity through my own female narrative lens.” Feingold explains. “The series exposes the unclothed form, not as a sexual act but rather as a revelation in body and mind connectedness“.


In Wet Dreams, Feingold’s practice has evolved. Instead of taking inspiration from vintage imagery, she worked from her own photographs as visual references. In this article reference to the whole series is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.



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