Winter Home Maintenance Is Always About Saving Yourself A Headache

When we think of home maintenance, we often think about restoring vital functions. More specifically we think of preventing problems from taking place and providing the solutions to problems. Furthermore, we set the stage for further developments or even renovations. Sometimes, however, maintenance is mostly there to help save us a headache. You don’t fix the pipe in bathroom because fixing a leaking pipe is so much fun to do. You do it because the outcome of a broken pipe causing flooding in your home is so much less fun than the maintenance task now, that you’re willing to attend to that.

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It’s good to think of winter maintenance in this way. Of course, we must strive to do a thorough job in order to make sure that problems are fixed and our homes are preserved over this time. But when prioritizing the tasks you hope to attend to during the winter, deciding on those that can prevent problems, given the intensity of the weather, the build-up of ice, rain or debris from falling leaves and wind, is likely the wisest option.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to integrate them properly:

Gritting/Shovelling Your Drive

Of course, one of the most unignorable efforts we need to take care of each morning is that of preparing our driveway against another day of snowfall. Depending on where you live, this may or may not be a large effort you have to plan for in the morning. At the very least, purchasing a large snow shovel, and a large bag of salt grit you can use to melt the ice and provide traction will mean traversing your driveway and parking is so much safer and easier, particularly if your drive has an incline.

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Gutter Maintenance

Gutter repair and gutter replacement is key during the colder months, because snowfall. Debris carried by the wind, and fallen leaves that turn to mulch can sometimes block your gutters thoroughly. When this happens, water becomes blocked, and increases the weight the guttering system has to cope with. This can lead to the gutters breaking or simply diverting water away from your runoff system, pooling it where you least wish for it and causing a real problem with possible property damage.

Insulation Repair

Insulation repair, fixed ahead of time, can help you avoid loss of heating that may come otherwise. It can also help prevent against the leaks that may come with heavy downfall, as insulation is not just against loss of heating, but provides waterproof tightness in your roofing system, too. This might also be influenced by fixing leaks in your window panels using silicon applications or restoring them outright depending on damage. Roofing felt can also work wonders, as can wall insulation that will help heat stay within its given rooms. Combined with competent ventilation, you can enjoy the best of both worlds here.

With this advice, you’re to see how winter home maintenance is almost always about saving yourself from headaches and problems.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]