Ways to Protect Your Home From Those Harsh Winter Conditions

Winter will soon be upon us, and for many people, it can be a bit of a nightmare trying to navigate the potential pitfalls in their homes against the freezing wintry conditions. Too much water can be a huge problem in many areas, but when that water turns to ice, these problems can be magnified. The best course of action is to be as prepared as you can be. The following tips can help you protect your home for those harsh wintry conditions:


Protect Water Pipes

The main problem here is any outdoor plumbing facilities you may have, such as outdoor faucets or any external pipework. You should remove any hoses and turn off the water supply and drain out the pipes. You could provide insulation for any outdoor pipework. However, you may still suffer from the water freezing in the pipes. So turning the water off as soon as the weather turns cold is probably your best option. If you ever suffer from a burst pipe, you can use emergency water cleanup services. However, prevention is far superior to cure.


Ensuring that your home has adequate insulation is a must to stop pipes freezing and the home from losing too much heat too quickly. You can add insulation to your basement, attic, your exterior walls, and crawl space. In a lot of cases, it is worth insulation the pipework too.

Seal Any Cracks and Holes

Any crack and hotels can cause a multitude of problems. Water can get inside and freeze and make then worse, or you have areas for cold air to get into and warm air to escape from. Filling holes and cracks is pretty easy with spray foam or filler. The best thing is to investigate the issue you have and find the best product to solve it.

Heating when you are Away

If you are going to be away or have a holiday home, it may be an idea to keep the heating on low so that the home does not dip below freezing. If it does, it is possible that you could end up with a flooded house. There are a few gadgets now that allow you to adjust the heating remotely. Perhaps this may be a great solution for you.


Ensure Water Valve is Accessible

If you do suffer from a leak or a flood from a burst pipe, you want to be able to switch the water off asap. Ensure that the water value is easily accessible for such an eventuality. It may also be a wise idea to educate everyone in the home as to where the valve is in order to protect your home.

Clean your Gutters

Over the course of a year, a lot of rubbish can accumulate in the gutters. You can normally find a nice array of decaying leaves, moss, bird poop, etc. Full gutters are just asking for problems. Rainwater can’t easily drain away, and ice can form far more easily. So get up there just before it gets cold and perform some simple maintenance on them.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]