Adding More Character To Your Home – A Simple Guide

When we think of a home’s character, it’s easy to think of the elements of a home that give it its personality ahead of time, before we had even curated ownership of it. Preserving that character, then, is considered the goal. For instance, someone may renovate a property and wish to keep that rural cottage aesthetic. At the same time, she needs to install modern appliances in a tasteful manner.


But could it be true that adding character to a property is also possible? We believe it is. While character can come from age, it can also come from fantastic design, too. Sometimes, the implements you use to renovate a home can also work. For instance, you can use a large piece of beautiful reclaimed wood. By crafting it into a kitchen table provides character to that room, despite this being a new addition worthy of consideration.

A nice fireplace as the focal point of a living space could also provide character. Given that the installation is tastefully applied and matches the rest of the room the overall installation can be very delicate. But how is character defined, and how can we be certain of applying it in the correct manner? In this post, we’ll discuss all that and more:

Consider More Impressive, Unique Fixtures & Features

Often, choosing one nice fixture or installation that holds character can be better than littering your home with a range of additions seeking the same result. For instance, you may find a beautiful wrought iron door. By taking the time to explore this site immediately helps the entrance of your home stand out. At the same time adds decorative designs and security. This can mean more than treating the current wood of your front door, or painting murals, or adding a range of decorations intended to give character, by allowing that character to exist via a wise decision in the first place.

Stamp Your Unique Personality


Stamping your unique personality on your home is a key effort that will help you define the space as yours. This might involve hanging framed photography of your family, making some artwork from the height charts you have marked into the door frame as your children grew, as well as using decorative elements from your travels around the world to frame your living space with intrigue.

Get A Little Indulgent (It’s Okay)

It’s good to get a little indulgent, and even a little weird from time to time. It might just be that having a larger wall clock that serves as a main, oversized element of your space can be a good visual addition. Perhaps now that your children have flown the nest, you want to design your kitchen counter to become more hip, using beautiful minimalistic stools to open a breakfast bar there, instead of the corner table you’ve sat on for years. Maybe you think that yes, now is the time to opt for beautiful shag carpet that adds a real sense of luxury to a space. Indulgence is good from time to time, and can help you showcase who you really are.

While you renovate a property for instance, we hope you can more easily add character to your home with this advice.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]