Sleeping Odyssey, Female Figures by Irini Karayannopoulou


Female Figures

Irini Karayannopoulou is an artist who focuses on painting, collages, drawings, editions and moving image. In her latest installation named Sleeping Odyssey, Karayannopoulou had as prominent theme the female figures. More specifically, she describes that in this installation “[…]women are suspended in a state between reverie and fainting, sexual desire and death“. Generally, she depicts women feelings.


This installation resides in Warsaw Puro Hotel. In fact, female figures are in the hotel windows, resting calm and bliss. “Although they are seemingly open to the gaze of passers-by, chances are they have secrets to hide.” Irini suggests. “Sleeping Odyssey is a promenade into the unconscious, hand in hand with the pause of sleep“.


Irini Karayannopoulou

Irini uses several forms of art, including paintings, collages and editions. She holds a degree from Saint Etienne School of Fine Art and Design in France. Moreover, her work has been exhibited throughout Europe and US. Indeed, most recent exhibitions are in Paris, Athens, Brussels, New York and London. Karayannopoulou is from Thessaloniki, and currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. Regarding art, she describes that “Each branch grows alongside the others and at the same time alone. A two-fruit flower may vary from branch to branch“. A tree with different branches in particular.


Apart from her individual work, Irini has co-founded artist duo Extra-Conjugale, and Twin Automat films. The first endeavour explores different forms of art such as contemporary arr or video installations. The second one involves moving image art. Irini, being a versatile artist, has undertaken numerous tasks, all of them with a very successful result. This article presents the Sleeping Odyssey installation. The result is impressive. Enjoy.