Mixture Photos by Robin Cracknell


Mixture Photos

Robin Cracknell is an artist and photographer who currently lives in London. Apart from photography, Robin also creates paper collages. Mixture photo are collages and text blended together. Cracknell attempts to perform a more loose view of mixture photos, and he does it wonderfully. “Unlike collages which require some sense of composition and formality, I try and keep these notebooks loose and gestural and, to that end, they are very liberating.” he explains.


Robin Cracknell Approach

Robin Cracknell is originally from in India. He was raised in America, and in the late eighties moved to London. He uses several techniques to express his art, most prominent being cinematography with traditional still photography. In addition, he uses mixed media to create his mixture photos. “I particularly like the physical qualities and unpredictability of film and I try to use the film surface as a sort of canvas for marks and stains and deterioration.” Robin points out. However, he is willing to try other forms of art. More specifically, Robin explains that “I’d like to work more with movie-making, poetry, screenwriting, painting, grungy noise music“. Nevertheless, he also notes that “[…] I’m happy to stick with what I do well rather than risk mediocrity trying to be another Wenders, Twombly, Burroughs, etc.“.



Photography was not the only way to express Cracknell’s art. An even within photography, “[…] I have used terms like proper photography, experimental photography, etc., my definitions change with the wind so what distinguishes the two from each other is probably best left for others to say“.


This article displays the series Touched. It was during this time he temporarily lost interest in proper photography, so the notebooks became a way of filing away snapshots and test prints. The series are notebooks with mixture photos. Cracknell started forming them when his son was born. The result is impressive. Enjoy.