Murals and Paintings by Liz Flores


Murals and Paintings

Liz Flores is a Chicago based artist and muralist. Flores focuses both in small and bigger art. Her first project was The World We Want, installed in Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. From then on art became her full time job. “Painting has always been my way of self-understanding and for viewers,” Flores explains. “it’s my hope that my work can spark self-reflection in their own life“.


Her art tries to express a story, and it does it wonderfully. Mural installations exists in several places in New York and Chicago (including Chicago’s Google and Sephora). Her main theme in his work is the woman.


Liz Flores

Although Liz Flores graduated from the business school with a focus in entrepreneurship, art prevailed. She is a full time artist, however it was not easy at the beginning. When she shared her concern to her parents they were trying to be supportive. But even now “[…] they still ask if I’m ready to get a real job. My grandma really thinks I’ve been unemployed for three years“.


Nonetheless, currently her murals work can be found both in Chicago and New York City areas. Moreover, she has commercial clients including Target and Jack Daniels. Her story, Why am I here in this world, was shared wonderfully through a TEDx presentation. In this article her overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.