How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Interaction With The World

The world looks very different now since the pandemic blew through, and the way in which we interact with the world and with each other has changed massively. More than ever, we are dealing with a range of cybercriminals and we are looking at more data breaches than we have ever experienced. The world looks different now. We engage differently and we are moving online more than ever in every single industry.


We’re in the second year of a pandemic, and previously we wouldn’t have thought twice about heading to one of the Frederica Wald displays at a museum. We’d buy tickets to a show and we’d go without a second thought. We’d meet friends and family in person and not online. Now? Now we watch virtual shows and we go on online museum walkthroughs. The arts have suffered because of the pandemic, but we are still pushing forward and interacting with the world – pandemic or not. Let’s see how we’re now doing things differently.

1. We work from home

More than ever, we’re working from home instead of going to the office to work. This has given us more flexibility and has made some jobs more accessible. Working from home started off as a temporary thing, but it’s become more and more permanent for those who want better access to jobs that were previously beyond their reach.

2. Virtual meetings

The Virtual meeting started years ago with the introduction of Skype and other screen calls, and it’s something that’s here to stay. People still like face to face communication, but with screen calls, it’s going to continue. This has led people to work remotely and from all areas of the country, meaning that there are so many people who can attend meetings without having to travel halfway across the country.


3. Seeing the arts

When Disney commissioned Hamilton and plastered it on the screens for Disney+ fans, theatre was forever changed. Live action theatre meant that even though there were closed shows everywhere, people got to enjoy it anyway. Museums and zoos are even offering online showings for those who can’t get there. Pre-pandemic, people would pay to go from all over the country. Now people can go without leaving the house if they’re stuck in a lockdown or isolation situation.

4. Managing information

The pandemic has meant that more cybersecurity measures are needed and that means that controlling digital transformation is the key. With more security measures, people can feel like their information and data is safer and they feel safer to be online.

5. We “travel”

You might not be able to leave where you are and see the world in person, but you can leave the website you’re on and go and see it from your computer. However, you can still plan the trip you want to take and see the world in all of its glory. You just can’t experience it all quite yet!

The pandemic has changed things, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever go back to where they were before.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]