Home Renovations That Have The Largest ROI

Renovating your home can make it much more practical and comfortable to use. There are other reasons people go through the process, however. They can also increase your property value much more than how much you put into the improvements.


If you think that you’ll be selling your house at some point, that could make home renovations an attractive proposition. You mightn’t have the budget to work on every aspect of your property, however. If you can only focus on a few things, then you’ll want to get the greatest return on investment from them.

In that case, you’ll want to focus on a few particular areas. If done right, these should increase your property value quite significantly.

Home Renovations That’ll Increase Your Property Value The Most

Update The Kitchen

Nobody likes the look of a dated kitchen. Most homebuyers will expect a modern and sleek design that lets them navigate the room easily. After all, few people want a kitchen that’s difficult to cook in and clean.

Coupled with that is the view that the kitchen is often the heart of the home. That makes the kitchen a priority if you plan on selling. Your countertops and walls will be some of the larger places to focus on.

It could be worth going with some of the higher-priced options here, such as marble countertops. While these will be more expensive, they’ll make your kitchen more attractive to homebuyers. These could cost you an extra few hundred dollars, but they could make you a few thousand.

Remodel The Basement


One thing many homebuyers look for is square footage. The larger a property is, the more people will be willing to pay for it. If you’re not in the position to extend your home, then you should consider remodeling the basement. That could be a more effective option than you’d think.

Who wouldn’t want more living space in their home? There are different ways that you can go about this, depending on how large your basement is. It could be a new bedroom or extra living room, for example.

This could be one of the more complicated home renovations, so it’s worth comparing basement remodeling companies. You’ll need to make sure that they offer a high-quality service. While this could mean paying more for the conversion, it’ll pay off in the long run.

You could also take this approach with your attic, which could improve your property value more than you’d think.

Give The Bathroom An Upgrade

Bathroom upgrades can recoup the vast majority of the money you invest into it once your house is sold. While they mightn’t necessarily make you a profit, they should help you make more than many other home renovations. That simply means that you’ll need to be careful with what you do.

It’s worth focusing on the fixtures and other small items. Add in some re-grouting and a paint job, and you shouldn’t have to spend too much on it. The good news with this is that you could do much of it yourself, if you have the DIY skills.

Energize The Appliances

Your kitchen appliances will be an area that countless potential homebuyers will look at, especially if they come with the house. You’ll want to make these as attractive as possible. That could involve upgrading your appliances to more modern options.

Typically, these will be much more attractive to look at and use, as they’ll have multiple features that older counterparts mightn’t. They’ll also be much more energy-efficient, which can be a priority for most homebuyers.

These will also reduce your energy bills while you’re living in the house. As a result, you’ll start saving money now while earning more money once the home is sold.

Get Some Decking

As mentioned above, increasing your home’s square footage will make it more attractive to buyers and increase its value. Getting a home extension or renovating your basement mightn’t be within your budget, however. If not, you could consider adding some decking around the home.

Doing so will add this square footage while being much more affordable than a renovation or extension. While there’ll still be multiple costs involved, it should better match your budget. It’s worth noting that, to make sure that it increases your home’s value, you’ll need to maintain the decking.

As much effort as that may be, it’ll prove to be worth it if you sell your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Renovations?

You might think that improving your property value is the main benefit of home renovations. While that could be the case, there are multiple other advantages to doing so. One of the more notable is that they should make your home more functional.

That’ll be seen in several ways. They could help you make your house more energy-efficient, for example, which will cut down on your energy bills. Practicality and comfort are also factors here, as you can renovate your home in a way that fits your needs. As a result, you should find your home much more comfortable.

Coupled with that is how aesthetically pleasing you’ll find your home after the renovations. After all, you’ll more than likely be going from a look or style that you didn’t previously like anymore to one that you will.

Wrapping Up

There can be a lot involved in certain home renovations. With all of the work that could be involved, there’ll be a decent amount of disruption to your life for a while. That should be worth it, however.

Not only will your property be worth more once the improvements are done, but your home will be more comfortable and functional. You’ll benefit in multiple ways. You’ll need to make sure that you do the renovations right, though.
That often means hiring a professional. While you might want to cut costs, that mightn’t benefit your home’s value.

After all, potential homebuyers will want to make sure that things are done to a high quality. If they’re not, you could see your property’s value drop.

Keep that in mind when you’re planning out your home renovations.

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