Future Love, Art by Jeffrey Cheung


Future Love

Jeffrey Cheung is a Chinese-American artist. He currently lives and works in Oakland, California. Cheung uses vivid colours to express his ideas. More specifically, he explores notions and feelings and the core ingredient in his work is the human. He depicts past love, future love, unfulfilled love throughout his art. In fact, Cheung examines humans’ feelings. As a result, society also needs to be examined. “I am understanding the importance of resisting these social constructs and the impact they can have on people who do not live up to standards and are systematically oppressed.” he clarifies about his work.


Cheung and Skateboard

Cheung apart from creating wonderful illustrations, he is also commited to skateboarding. From press to actually crafting boards, Cheung is adjacent to this culture. “I started the Unity Skateboarding Project, a project that works on supporting and building confidence in queer [identity]” Cheung explains. “At that time, I painted the boards by hand” which were at lest 1,500 boards. The idea was that these boards were created to skate with them and not hang them on the wall. hopefully, this vision turned to reality.


Jeffrey Cheung

Jeffrey Cheung has a degree from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has exhibtions both in Europe and USA. Apart from his artist works, Cheung is a co-founder of Unity Press and Unity Skateboarding; LGBT collectives regarding skating. In addition, he plays music in the two local punk bands Meat Market and Unity. In this article his overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.







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