Arranged Objects, Still Life Photography by Adam Hillman


Arranged Objects Photography

Adam Hillman is an American photographer who focuses on still life photography. Arranged Objects is his passion. A passion that started through Facebook. “For me, arranging is taking usually some kind of everyday object, and moving things around until it gets to a certain composition I am looking for.” Hillman explains. Moreover, “I draw inspiration a lot from minimalism and a lot of art historical movements“.


Still Life Photography

Everyday objects in photography has his own devotees. Picking, arranging and most importantly shooting. It is a discipline that focuses on everyday, and some times, arranged objects. Food structures is also common for still life photography. And Hilman uses food very often. In fact, he uses food arrangements or natural fruits for most of his photography projects.


Adam Hillman

Hilman describes himself as an Object Arranger and this is evident by this series. His first exposure to art was through painting. “When I first seriously started making art, I primarily created abstract paintings and drawings.” Hilman explains. Photography was introduced later in his life, initially through Unedited Smartphone Aesthetic Pics Facebook group. As he was not trained into photography he started arranging everyday objects. The result is impressive. Enjoy.