Paper Collages by Johanna Hooper


Paper Collages

Johanna Hooper is an artist born and raised in Berlin. She focuses both on digital and handcut collages. However, analogue is her true passion. “My path to paper collages, or even art, was pretty indirect actually.” Johanna explains. “When I was younger, dance was my biggest passion. I always saw art as a way to just balanced it all out and began working/playing a lot with paint, paper, glue, and scissors.


From then on she dedicated her efforts to mixture of pictures. Although she started her career as a dancer, she quit to study communications & arts. Her first, and long-term, assignment was to work in the commercial film industry. Despite the fact that she was creating art from a young age, it was not until her current husband insisted that she could focus more on this discipline. “[He] convinced me to take myself more seriously in doing art that I started creating on a regular basis and trying different techniques – and I found a love for collages.” Johanna explains.


Johanna Hooper

Johanna has a degree in communications & arts from the University of Arts in Berlin. Her husband is a talented musician, and as a couple they have two wonderful boys. As all of her family was in or near art – mother and grandmother were art teachers and artists, she eventually became an artist herself. Not a dancer, but she creates art by mixing pictures. In this article her overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.