Tips For Running A Tattoo Parlour

There are many people in the world that have tattoos and want more. There’s also people who’ve never had a tattoo but at some point in their lifetime, they put their faith in a tattooist to ink something on them that they’ll then have for life.


When it comes to running a tattoo parlour, just like any business, it requires you to know what you’re doing! Here are some tips for running a tattoo parlour.

Create The Right Atmosphere

Firstly, make sure that you’re creating the right atmosphere. Every tattoo parlour is going to be different, even though some tend to go with a similar gothic style for the most part. However, when it comes to your parlour, think about your branding and how you want to come across. It’s also important to focus your attention on creating the right atmosphere in order to bring the right customers in.

If you’re someone who does a specific style of art for tattooing, then you may want to try and cater to that demographic who are more likely to want your tattoo art on their bodies.

Get Quality Tools And Equipment

Quality tools and equipment are a must when your tattoo artist, especially when you’re handling needles. That means, a proper needle cleaner is an important tool to have in your kit. There are lots of different tools and equipment that might be needed and so it’s a good idea to spend some money on getting the very best for your business. If you don’t invest in the good tools and equipment, then chances are they’ll simply fall apart. You’ll then end up spending more money on getting them replaced, no doubt.


Invest In Social Media Promotion

Investing in social media promotion is an important part of building any business nowadays. With tattoo artists and parlours, a lot of the new customers will seek you out on the recommendations of others. It’s therefore good to get yourself on social media and to display your work for the world to see. Some of the best tattoo artists and parlours out there end up having customers travel long distances just to get tattooed by those that are famous online.

Provide An Excellent Customer Experience

The better the experience that your customers have, the more likely they’ll come back and also recommend you to their friends, family, colleagues and strangers on the street! It’s definitely beneficial to give your customers the best experience from the moment they step into the tattoo parlour to the moment they leave with the tattoo on their body.

Try to enhance their journey when it comes to your business in as many ways as possible. Make it a unique experience that they’ll remember forever and will want to come back and experience again. There are lots of people who become obsessed with tattooing their body and it can certainly get addictive. It’s therefore something that’s very profitable for you to spend time on.

Use these tips to help you run a successful tattoo parlour.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]