Preparing Your Home for Renovation Work

Before you begin any major renovation work in your home, it is a good idea to clear out as much room as possible to avoid the mess that will inevitably follow. Think about what you want and need in your new room, and then simplify the entire space completely to make room for it. Follow these guidelines for clearing, organizing, and storing your belongings to ensure that your construction work causes the least amount of disruption possible.



Be systematic in your approach and thorough in going through your belongings. Now is as good an opportunity as any to have that clear out you have been meaning to do. The less stuff you have, the less clutter will be around your home during work.

A good tip for decluttering is to do it bit by bit and remove unwanted items from your home as quickly as possible before moving on. This removes the possibility of having to store items you need to donate around the house and ensures they have gone completely before embarking on your next decluttering session.

Consider Storage

Off-site storage is a great way to free up space in your home and protect your belongings from damage during bigger works in your home. Look for a company that assists you easily in collecting your belongings. Services exist where you can fill a storage unit at your home, and the company collects the box once you are done. Check out SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. for more information.

Consider Your Routine

An interruption to your daily schedule is unavoidable with most home remodeling projects; thus, plan for any disruptions. If you’re having your kitchen renovated, you might want to consider setting up a little cook station somewhere else in the house as well. For example, a table and microwave could be sufficient.


If you choose, you could make arrangements to relocate somewhere else temporarily. Depending on the situation, your pets may also require a place to stay. Ask a friend to assist you or look into trustworthy pet-sitters in your region.

Secure Valuables

While you must trust your contractors, there will be times during the renovation process when your home will be left unlocked. It may be without windows, doors, and even walls at some point throughout the construction process. In addition to this, there will be a steady stream of tradespeople coming and departing, so take precautions and store valuables in a secure safe within your home or in a safe deposit box off-site.

Prepare Your Space Practically

More often than not, renovations will call for you to be using fewer rooms than usual, and the locations in question will usually have to serve more than one purpose. Even if you decide not to keep all of your room furniture during the construction, it’s wise to sell or give away any items that are no longer needed before the project gets started. Planning ahead of time will reduce the number of things you have to move, pack, store, and unpack after completing the remodeling.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]