Peggy Kuiper, a Photographer who Paints


A Photogrpaher Who Paints

Peggy Kuiper is a Dutch photographer and artist, who also paints. In fact, she is a fashion photographer who focuses on bright colours and surreal settings. However, when she discovered painting, her overall approach to work also changed. “I recently discovered painting and that changed how I feel about photography.” Kuiper explains in a recent inrterview. “When I paint, I have even more freedom and control and I can add a more intense emotional layer“.


Experimentation is an ingredient she uses a lot. “[…] people who don’t meet the norm fascinate me” she explains. “Graphic design still plays an important role in my work. I often work with geometrical compositions, and the pictures I make have an illustrated feeling“. In her work she tries to mix painting and photography, and does it wonderfully.


Peggy Kuiper

Peggy Kuiper currently lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She holds a degree of graphic design from College of Art and Design, St. Joost. Moreover, she had an intership besides Anthon Beeke. Beeke was one of Netherlands’ most influential designers and he is considered a key figure in the maintenance and innovation of a great Dutch graphic design tradition. In addition, he contributed vastly in the posters and graphic street theatre.


Peggy’s initial occupation is in the domain of photography. “As a photographer, I’m always looking for perfect imperfections: people who don’t meet the norm fascinate me.” she explains. In this realm she has distinguished clients, including I-D Magazine and Metal magazine. In this article her overal paainting advenure is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.