Fast Social Media Tips For Small Businesses

Social media is an important marketing tool for small businesses. Social media can take up a lot of your time, which is less than ideal if you’re busy trying to run your business. However, there are some quick tricks that you can use to make the most of your social media without taking up all your important time.


Remember that if you really don’t have time for social media, it’s an easy task to outsource to a freelancer or an outside agency. This could be well worth considering.

Understand Your Target Audience

Make sure that you’re putting the work into the platforms where your customers actually are. Understand how the people that you’re trying to reach use their social media at different times during the day, and how they prefer to interact. For example, an entrepreneur might use their LinkedIn or Twitter during work hours for networking but switch to Facebook for their personal use after work. Don’t waste your time learning how to do green screen on tiktok if your audience isn’t there.

Make Lasting Impressions

Put your efforts on creating a strong impression and genuine content, instead of worrying about chasing trends. Your brand voice should be consistent and real. It should reflect your company. This doesn’t mean you can never try anything new, but be aware of the difference between meeting your customers where they are, and being ‘cool’.

Work With Sales To Understand The Buying Journey


Your marketing team should be working closely with the sales team in order to understand your sales funnel and what influences there are along the way that reach the decision-maker. When the marketing team understands how this works, they can create content that fits with different stages of the process to help people to the next step.

For inbound lead generation, the most effective way is to create content that helps the reader to do their job, saves them time during their job, or entertains them. Push out this content through the most relevant channels to the decision-maker.

Be Social

On social media, you need to be social. Regardless of how many posts are published on a platform, you can generate more social engagement by leaving feedback, following accounts, retweeting and replying, and engaging with your audience. If you’re connecting with them, you will see a big difference in how many of them connect with you.

Drive Engagement With Subject Matter And Visuals

If you’re posting from your business on LinkedIn, include a mix of industry insights and ‘personal professional’ posts. While sharing your insights on a relevant topic, share some original thoughts as well as content from a third party. For example, if you share an interesting trade publication article, add your thoughts on it to the post and some news about your business, and generate a high rate of engagement through likes, shares, and comments.

Visuals are important for driving engagement too. If you’re posting event posts, including a picture of you speaking on a panel or on stage can boost higher engagement from your connections.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]