More Than a Canvas: Other Ways To Create Art

Art is the most subjective subject in the world. If you are a latecomer to being creative, it is one of those great ways to evoke some sort of cathartic experience, while also having something to show for it. To create art or painting is one of those things that is not a one-size-fits-all method. But we can find ourselves trapped by the cliched perception of what a painting is. It’s not just a canvas, some paints, and a brush; you can paint in so many other ways!


Body Art

If you really want to dive into the deep end, you can start to use your body as a canvas, or you can become at one with the canvas by painting yourself. It’s certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, but when you start to incorporate your body into your notion of creativity, it can help you overcome so many of the preconceptions of what your body can do. It may also help you overcome inhibitions about yourself. If you have thought that the human body is a thing of beauty but yours is not, it can give you a wonderful way to overcome some of those thoughts.

It can also help you think about ways to style yourself in exciting and leftfield ways that you’ve always wanted to try but are scared of. Fashion, photography, and bodypaint are all about expressing the human form. It may even want to inspire you to express yourself through newer fashion choices, like tattoos, or even nipple rings! And if you are looking for nipple rings you can find them here and incorporate them into some form of art. Body art is one of those visceral ways for you to connect with the canvas.

Using Chalk


To go completely the opposite way, if you want to create, it’s amazing what you can do with the simplest of things. You can reuse non-porous chalkboards and markers, and it’s very possible you can recreate a painting like starry night by Vincent Van Gogh. A painting like The Starry Night has bold strokes and is almost abstract in style, but it’s also something completely different if you are looking to become more creative beyond the paintbrush or the pencil. Chalk is one of those substances that can help you connect with the canvas closer than a paintbrush. Not just because of the proximity, but you are able to exert more control over what you are drawing. Of course, as well you don’t need to worry about making mistakes because chalk is easily erasable!

The Cut-Up Method

Originally popularized by William Burroughs as a way to create abstract sentences, you could take inspiration from this as a way to mix your mediums. The canvas can involve anything. From your body to photography, and anything your imagination allows you. Creativity is one of those things that shouldn’t be inhabited. Everybody finds that they are created in their own way. This is why some people will become a tattoo artist rather than a photographer, but when we start to look at the canvas as something beyond what it actually is, this is when we can truly unlock creativity.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]