Historic Building Renovation in Valencia, Spain by DG Arquitecto


Renovation of a Valencia’s Historic Building

Originally, the house was built in the 1920s occupying the top floor of a Valencia’s historic building. The house is situated in the Ruzafa neighborhood. The area is a colorful hotspot for food, culture and the arts.


The state of the house before the renovation was quite good,” DG Arquitecto, the studio responsible for the work done, describes. “The previous owners kept the floors and doors in good condition“. The main idea of this restoration was to maintain as much of the heritage of the historic building as possible. DG Arquitecto revealed the ceilings and fully restored them. The original doors remained and painted white. In addition, the authentic mosaic was cleaned to recover the original colors. The whole penthouse is 100 sq.m., however after the restoration seems much bigger.


Historic Building in Valencia’s Architecture

Valencia has brilliant architecture sites, which has been mostly influenced by the Roman and French architecture. Building the city started as back as the 16th century. From then on several movements appeared in Valencia. The same applies for the historic building.


Several blocks of the historic building are fabulous, such as the ceilings, the terrace and even the kitchen. However, the most distinctive item was the flooring. More specifically, the mosaic of the house was Valencia’s most famous one at that time. “This type of flooring is quite typical of Valencia,” the studio suggests. “At the beginning of the 20th century, in a town near Valencia called Meliana, there was one of the most important factories in the world for this type of flooring“.


The studio that wonderfully renovated this building is DG Arquitecto. “Our goal is to create spaces that meet the demands, style and dreams of each client, always taking into account aesthetics and above all functionality” explains Isabel Roger Sánchez, partner of the studio. The other partner is Daniel González López. They are both architects and established the studio in 2005. This is evident with this installation. The result is impressive. Enjoy.





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