Hatch A Scheme To Get More Eggs In Your Diet

When it comes to managing a healthy diet, there are few ingredients that are as packed with goodness, yet as versatile, as the humble chicken egg. Aside from being perhaps the cheapest source of high-quality animal proteins, they’re also rich in vitamins D, B6, and B12, not to mention minerals like zinc, iron, and copper. What’s more, they’re one of the easiest foods to buy local all year round, letting you support smaller producers nearby. So, how do you get more eggs in your diet?


Better the devil you know

One of the best ways to cook eggs is to serve up a platter of deviled eggs, whether as a quick snack or accompanying some toast. You don’t need much in the way of ingredients, but you can spruce them up with a range of different additions, be it with a little sriracha to add some spice, some smoked salmon to make them a delicious summer treat, or even everyone’s favorite, adding some avocado to make sure they really pack a nutritional punch. Devilled eggs should rarely take over half an hour to make, making them a nice, easy lunch.

Hakuna frittata

One of the best things about many ways of cooking eggs is how versatile they are. And, indeed, once you learn how long to bake a frittata and how easy they are to make, it might be hard to stop you from having them for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Like an omelet, one of the big appeals of the frittata is just how easy it is to customize with the additional ingredients of your choice, be it some meats, mushrooms, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, or otherwise.

Throw them in a stir-fry

If you have a decent wok, then you should be making stir-fries on the regular. They’re delicious, they don’t cook out as much of the nutrients as frying directly does, and they’re extremely easy to make. Instead of meat, hard-boiling an egg and throwing it into the stir fry, or simply scrambling them up and tossing them in there can make for a delicious meal. If you’re willing to take a bit more time in preparation, then you might even want to make your own egg noodles.

Ever heard of egg soup?


This one might be a little on the experimental side for some, but eggs aren’t just always eaten for that distinct, savory eggy flavor. Believe it or not, you can make a sweet and refreshing starter with them with the right combination. Lemon tends to go better with egg than you might imagine, which is why avgolemono, a lemon-egg soup, is much more popular in Greek cuisine than one might initially assume. It makes for a fantastic light starter for any dinner party meal or works just as well as a lunch for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for non-meat ways to get more protein in your diet, controlling your calories, or topping up on your minerals, eggs can be a very effective tool. The tips above can help ensure you get your fill of them.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]