11 Interior Design Ideas When Remodelling Your Home

A home remodelling exercise is a time to actualise all your interior design ideas and preferences. It’s a time to change certain things and add new features, designs and styles. It’s crucial to get the best interior design concepts when doing renovations or redecorating at home. Here are eleven ideas that will make your home look beautiful and unique.

Select the Theme

When determining your interior design, the primary consideration is to select a suitable theme or general idea for your home. Different themes include nautical, traditional, contemporary, rustic, modern and even bohemian. The recent trends
in home décor are towards simple designs with neutral colours that go well with bright pops of colour.

Remodel the Windows

Think of investing in specialty and custom windows to not only beautify the interiors but let in more light. Custom windows are an excellent choice because you can choose any design you want. As you remodel the windows, remember to include blinds or curtains that match your home’s overall colour scheme.

Use The Same Hue but Different Shades

The same hues work best for rooms with large windows so your home can get natural light. Select a solid colour or theme, for instance, blue, featured in all the rooms. However, use different shades of blue in each room to achieve a unique feel and look without making it too cluttered or confusing.

Use Unique Lighting Fixtures

A stylish lighting fixture is like icing on your cake; it’s the final touch that makes everything look perfect. Try to get creative with your lighting. For instance, use vintage-style pendants or sconces. You can also choose a chandelier in a colour that matches the general theme.

Use Contrasting Colours and Patterns

You don’t always need to use the same theme or design element in every room; use different themes. For instance, you can use traditional designs in your living room or bedroom but contemporary style for the kitchen and bathroom. Using patterns is also a good idea as it adds more depth and dimension to your interiors.

Use Little Furniture

You don’t have to fill up every room with huge pieces of furniture. You can use other items like shelves, bookcases, tables, cushions and even floor lamps to hold your décor together. The idea is to have enough furniture for comfort but not too much that the room is cluttered.

Use Bright Colours for Artwork and Accessories

Using bright colours is a great idea, especially if you remodel or decorate an older home where everything might be dull or bland. Consider painting the walls to give them a fresh look and add bright accent colours with throw pillows to brighten up the rooms. You can also use brightly coloured towels, vases and other accessories like table lamps to add splashes of colour throughout your home.

Use Mirrors in Well-Lit Areas

Mirrors are excellent decoration tools. They make a room look brighter, bigger and more beautiful. Mirrors will also help lighten up dark areas. Place mirrors in the living room, hallway, staircases and even bathrooms if there is a window.

Display Your Favourite Things

If you love family photos and souvenirs, display them on tables or shelves. A great way to do this is to place your photos in attractive picture frames that can be placed on tables or hung on the wall. Use simple shadow boxes to display souvenirs or trophies and vases or bowls for flowers or fresh greenery.

Consider Creating More Storage Space

Lack of enough storage space is one of the most common issues homeowners face, but you can quickly turn this around by adding more storage space. There are many ways to do this. Install built-in closets or shelves over your bed or behind doors.

Other storage space ideas include installing cabinets under the sink in the bathroom and using baskets under the kitchen sink to store cleaning supplies, laundry soap and other items.

Rearrange Your Home

An excellent way to ease your stress during renovations or redecorating is to rearrange your home. You can move beds into a different room or closer to a window, put couches and move tables into a confined space to make things cosier. This is also an excellent opportunity to find out if the layout of your home works.

You can mix all these interior design ideas to create a unique décor that reflects your personality and preferences, making you feel comfortable and happy. Most importantly, take your time when doing home renovations or redecorating as rushing through the process can leave you with poor results that might cost more money in repairs or replacements.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]