Painted Photographs by Cathy Cone


Hand Painted Photographs

Cathy Cone is an artist who combines photography and painting. By doing so she creates wonderful painted photographs. This journey started in the late seventies, where Cathy began to collect photographs. “I begin by scanning tintypes that I started collecting in the late seventies.” she explains. “The printed photograph then becomes a contemplative ground for painting“.


Milking Butterflies

Milking Butterflies is one of Cone’s series. It is actually old photographs reimagined. Cone found these family photographs and tried, in a very successful way, to re-introduce these images with a new look. In fact, she blended painting and photography with her touch. “I think of the portraits as time travelers while painting late night seances.” Cone explains. “With the help of technology, the scanned tintypes often lead to new clues perceptually“. The result, the series, is presented in this article.


Cathy Cone

Cathy Cone has her first degree from Ohio University, Vermont Studio Center. She also has an MFA from the Maine Media College. She has performed several exhibitions some being at Weisman Art Museum and Vermont Center for Photography. Furthermore, her work is in the collection of companies such as IBM, Hallmark Fine Art Collections and American Express. The result is impressive. Enjoy.









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