Paintings of Confident People by Ana Leovy


Confident People

Ana Leovy is a Mexican artist who currently lives and works in Mexico City. Her main attributes about her art are color and women. She paints confident people with unrealistic proportions. And this is almost everywhere in her work. “My art intends to represent strong confident characters living in vibrant worlds which are often a fusion between real life and my imagination.” Ana explains. “I play with the disruption of the human form to reveal my view on both internal and external beauty“.


To find her themes Ana can browse endlessly on Pinterest and Instagram. However, she also uses real-life experiences to create these wonderful paintings. “My work is a celebration of diversity.” she explains in an interview. “It is normally based on personal thoughts, experiences or feelings that hopefully can resonate with others and allow them to connect with my work at a more intimate level“.


Ana Leovy

Ana Leovy holds a Graphic Design degree from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. Moreover, she has a masters in Graphic Design and Illustration from Idep, Barcelona Spain. Although she started her career as a graphic designer, she evolved to a more artistic practice. She had several clients some being Women´s Health Magazine, The Guardian and the Girls Night in.


Currently, she uses acrylics to paint these confident people. She has several goals to pursue, one being to create a New York art studio. “I’d like to exhibit my work in galleries worldwide. Love traveling so my goal is to spend a couple of months on each place where I exhibit my art and do the actual body of work from there.” she explained about her goals. “Having a New York art studio has always been one of my dreams, […]“. In this article part of her overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.