How to Maintain Female Sexual Health

Sexual health isn’t just important for those who are sexually active. Our reproductive systems make up a huge part of our health and impact many other areas of our health through hormonal changes to physical changes alike. You need to stay on top of your reproductive health to stay on top of your physical health. You cannot just ignore your heart health because you feel like it, and similarly, you cannot just ignore your sexual health.

Maintaining female sexual health is a mixture of good habits, good routines, and knowing what is normal and what isn’t. Having a gynecologist that you trust or a doctor that you feel listens (something that unfortunately doesn’t always happen, especially in regards to female sexual health) is a must.

The Importance of Understanding Your Healthy Baseline

Not understanding your body is a big mistake. This doesn’t just mean knowing how you feel and how your body works, but how the female system works in general. Understanding female sexual health and how female sexual organs work is imperative to help you understand what your body is doing, what things mean, and, most importantly, what falls within the realm of “normal” and healthy. There will be a slight variation, of course, but knowing the why behind your personal normal can help you understand what exactly it means when something is off.

In most cases, when something changes, it is due to a change in your diet or your stress levels. Knowing what can cause variations in your sexual health can help you understand when to seek out help and when to wait and see.

The Importance of Visiting a Female Sexual Health Clinic

Sexual health clinics, otherwise known as gynecology centers, are an essential part of female sexual health. They offer everything, from advice, guidance, to medical attention in regards to your fertility. Many will also provide contraception, screen you for several cancer risks, and, of course, offer essential abortions in a variety of situations. Clinics like offer everything you require for your female sexual health and are the ideal destination to go for quality care throughout your life.

The Importance of Regular Testing

There are some tests that you can do yourself. Others will require you to go into a medical setting. Self-breast exams, for example, are very important to help you detect lumps and other clear issues during the early stages. Cervix exams do the same thing, however, you cannot perform them yourself. Instead, you will want to visit a medical professional every few years to have your test done.

These tests are important regardless of your thoughts on having a child. You may never want one and still need to be tested in these ways to screen out issues like cancer. Catching cancer early is the best way to increase your chances of beating it, after all.

The Importance of Protection

Protection is also very important. This means both contraception and using a condom in order to protect yourself during sexual encounters. Good forms of contraception include the pill, the coil as well as a diaphragm. When using any of these options, it’s important to know that they do not offer protection against STIs, just pregency, meaning that the use of a condom is even more important. If you do choose to have unprotected sex with a partner, you both should get tested, and even then, this should only be done if you trust your partner. While some STDs and STIs can be cleared up, others will cause lasting issues.

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