Women Portraits by Ana Sneeringer


Women Portraits

Ana Sneeringer is an artist originally from Slovenia. Her main techniques are watercolor, acrylic and even digital media. She uses these techniques to depict emotions through her women portraists she paints. In her work, she tries to illustrate the adjustment of their emotion of humans and more specifically of women.


The human mind is capable of focusing on change if there is an intense desire for it.” she explains. “Some of the emotions that played a central role in my study were contact, contentment, judgment, happiness, satisfaction […] and the boost for the particular emotion provoked by the music. So the music is a massive mood changer for me“. And the music is indeed a mood changer for lots of people.


Ana Sneeringer

Ana Sneeringer currently works and lives in Hyderabad, India. Although she started her career as a journalist she realised that art fits her better. As she has travelled throughout the world, including Jordan, Russia, USA and The Dominican Republic, she needed to express this vivid experiences through her contemporary work. The result is impressive. Enjoy.





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