Expressive Portraits by Antonella Montes


Expressive Portraits

In EWAT there are several articles exploring portrait painting. The same applies for the article at hand. Antonella Montes, or Lantomo being her pseudonym, creates wonderful Expressive Portraits.


The graphite portraits I create are almost realistic, suspended in a personal universe between realism and vision.” Antonella explains. Furthermore, she describes that “I’m not interested in virtuous details. Rather, I look for the representation of the emotions of my subjects.” and this is evident by her work.


Antonella Montes

Antonella Montes, is an Italian artist based in Barcelona. She studied architecture in Italy, in the cities of Rome and Genoa. Afterwards, she moved to Spain to explore other disciplines including scenography and exhibition design. Since 2010 she focuses solely into painting, and she does it beautifully.


The models she paints are mostly through photographs. “To create my portraits I use photography as a starting point.” Montes explains. After that, she uses minimalism techniques to build up her paintings. She works mostly with grayscale colors, with touches of red. Another feature of her work derives from the iconography and traditional Asian drawings. Additionally, she notes that “My subjects are mainly female, proud and visibly melancholic“.


She has participated in several solo exhibitions, both in shows in Barcelona and in Beijing. At the present time, Gallery Bat Alberto Cornejo in Madrid represents her work. In addition, galleries 3 Punts Gallery in Barcelona,Spain, and Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay, Australia are also close to her work. This article presents her latest work. The result is impressive. Enjoy.