Tips for Decorating Your Hallway

Although a hallway might seem like a minor part of your home, it is the first thing people will see when they enter it. It is your chance to make a good first interior design impression, so carefully consider your décor options for this part of your house is important. If you think your hallway looks dull and could use some improvement, here are a few decorating tips you might be interested in.

Tiled or Wooden Floors

Carpets will still look good in a hallway, but as there is a lot of foot traffic in this area of the house, and most people walk in with their shoes on, it is also likely to get dirty quickly. For easier cleaning and amazing aesthetics, consider having hardwood flooring or tiles in your hallway instead. It can make this space look more dramatic, especially if you put a long runner rug that stretches down the length of your hallway as well.

Light Colors

As hallways are generally smaller spaces, picking a light color scheme will help to make it feel more spacious. If you don’t have a lot of windows letting in natural light, then it will help it look less dingy, too. Creams, light blues, greens, pinks, or yellows are all good choices and will make your hallway appear welcoming and fresh.


If your staircase is located in your hallway, which is quite common, you should also think about how you can make this look great as well. If you have a beautiful wooden staircase, you can put in a staircase runner as a way to add some color and comfort while still showcasing the wood. You can see some examples of these at You can also paint it white or another neutral color if the natural wood doesn’t look quite right.

Get a Side Table

Not all hallways will be big enough to hold this kind of furniture, but if yours is, a stylish side table is worth the investment. Not only will it help to fill the vacant space and look great, but it can also be used as additional storage space for your home. Depending on the size and design of your side table, you can put your bills, papers, spare pens, linens, glass, or dishware in it neatly. Put some potted house plants on top, a vase, or some framed photographs to complete the look.

Coat Hanger and Umbrella Stand

Every hallway needs a coat hanger and preferably an umbrella stand, as well. Whether this is hooks you have drilled into the wall or a freestanding one, it will help to keep your hallway neat and tidy. It’ll also mean your coats are all exactly where they need to be when you’re leaving the house and coming back in after a long day. You could even get a shoe rack as well rather than leaving them strewn on the floor by your doorway.

If you want to make people instantly envious of your home’s interior design, make sure you capture their attention from the moment they enter with these hallway decorating tips.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]