Colorful Flowers, a Photography Exhibition in New York by Sophie Delaporte


Colorful Flowers

Sophie Delaporte is a French artist who currently shows the series Colorful Flowers at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York. “I wanted to explore the color in its raw state, which flows, spreads, like a drop of water in painting.” Sophie explains. “My references are very pictorial, inspired by the quality of chroma that we find in the daylight“.


This series on flowers started taking shape last year through the confinement period. The two pillars Delaporte demonstrates throughout her work – woman and color, are both evident in colorful flowers series. Pale orange, pink, red or purple are colors of woman’s grace and beauty. The exhibition will last until the mid of May.


Sophie Delaporte

Sophie Delaporte is a French photographer and film director who focuses on fashion. More specifically, she has published several articles the first one being in i-D Magazine. From then on she explores photography through color. “I’m approaching photography really like a colorist, with subtle nuances of color, shape, and light; I have always sought, through the treatment of color, to get closer to painting” explains the artist.” Delaporte suggests about her discipline.


Sophie Delaporte has shown her work to numerous solo exhibitions around the world, including New York (Sous Les Etoiles Gallery), Tokyo (Galerie 21 and HPgrp Gallery), and London (Scream Gallery). In this article photographs form the exhibition are presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.