Why you really are what you eat

The saying that ‘You are what you eat’ has been around for ages and yet many of us don’t really pay it much attention. It is, however, true and furthermore it is important, because the state of your health is truly dependent on what you eat and drink.

Diet and health

Your diet is an essential component of overall health and although for most it is linked to affordability, eating the right foods for your body’s actual needs has become more important globally. Being overweight or underweight is an obvious sign of an unbalanced diet or an underlying health issue. For those who are not visibly over or underweight, it is sometimes impossible to see the harm done by an incorrect diet. The only genuine way to do this is to have frequent health checks and use the blood and internal nutrient levels to determine your health and whether there needs to be dietary changes to improve health. It must be remembered that a healthy diet and intake of the correct nutrients is required long term to ensure continued good health.

Health and hair

There is, however, a tired-and-trusted method of getting a regular health and dietary update, and this is from your hair. By getting to know your hair exceptionally well you will be able to notice the subtle changes in its appearance and texture, whether its thinning or whether the amount that you lose daily is normal and constant. This information is vital for a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing. The hair can thus be your early warning system and will alert you to a severe drop in nutrients and vitamins, allowing you to make changes to your diet.

If the hair has already had its say and thinning is a thing that you have experienced, it is potentially possible to restore the hair with non surgical hair restoration in Newport Beach. As long as the thinning is not extreme and there is no baldness. This is a natural process and will focus on stimulating the natural growth of your own hair. It is a way to get back the healthy head of hair that signifies good health. However, to keep it, you will need to address the underlying issues and what you eat will likely be a factor.

Hair, beauty and good overall health

Hair has long been seen as a beauty feature, but in another time and with other priorities, the hair has been the body’s way of showing you how well you are looking after yourself. Pay greater your hair some attention, get to know it better and you could find that it will be the body’s way of letting you know what is going on in the inside.

Hair is and will always be part of the daily beauty regime, but it is also a great way to keep tabs on your own health. What you eat and drink will be seen through your hair.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]